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No trial tomorrow!

No trial tomorrow!

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looking at me

Tomorrow was supposed to be our first trial since the beginning of October back in Connecticut. I was so looking forward to this CPE trial! I was looking forward to judge Becky Dean, and it was going to be Joey's first trial. I'd signed him up for Jumpers. We've had drought conditions in California. Of course we need the rain, but the timing is terrible. Now we have really heavy rain with flooding and with thunder storm warnings.

Matilda fell off the dogwalk in class Wednesday. I can't remember her ever having done that before. She landed on all fours. She seemed fine right then and was fine getting on the dw right away again, but later Wednesday she was limping on her front a little. Today I haven't seen her limping, but she seems stiff. I don't want to risk wet contacts and bad footing. I've run in the rain quite a number of times before, but with Matilda's old groin injury and now whatever this front one might be, I will very reluctantly be staying home tomorrow.

Darn it!!
  • You know, Riley took a spill on the ice in the back yard yesterday, and I was just thinking I was glad I didn't have her entered in anything. She seemed fine at first, stiff later, and yeah, I just don't like chancing it either. I hope Matilda is back up and happy-sound soon!
  • I have a couple of really scare photos of Razor slipping like crazy on a wet teeter. I vote with you. Not worth it.
  • How much does this suck!!! So annoying!!
    • And what are you holding in your had in that photo? Is that a bearing puller?
      • I had to look at the picture carefully. The picture is from summer before last. It's a Pairs baton. Do you run Pairs classes in Australia?
    • that was the disaster pairs... that was our first disaster pairs run when the lady let her bat shit crazy three aussies off leash out of her car and they started fighting and chasing each other causing a ruckus right outside the ring... and she was so unbelievably condescending about oops I forgot what its like to have a NOVICE dog... well, come on---and i've watched her struggle with those dogs on runs ever since
    • Ah, now I understand. I forget you guys do pairs with a baton. Our pairs is very different.

      We have one course that is split up in a crazy fashion so it would be impossible for a single dog to run it. Usually there are 3 obvious breaks in the course where it is beneficial to set up one of the dogs. 2 dogs and two handlers run in the same ring, each team doing parts of the course and signalling to the other team to start doing their part. there are usually 4 changes in the course. It's really hard to explain. Here is a video

      • Wow! It looks very complicated. The dog that started the poles, but didn't finish, was he not supposed to do the poles? That's really hard having two dogs working on course at the same time.

        Was the judge's dress in the video unusual for agility trials?

        • The dog popped out of the poles, so in that case the other team have to come over and finish the obstacle that wasn't completed properly. Uber confusing. Strategic Pairs is meant to be test of the dog's ability to work around another dog and the two handler's abilities to create a strategic swapping order. It's interesting to run but hard work mentally.

          I don't know why some judges choose to wear 'conformation' outfits to judge agility. it sure is weird but they love it. Most of the male judges will wear a shirt and tie and dress pants. Weirdos
      • Very challenging!

        Interesting wardrobe. It doesn't seem very practical for agility.
      • Oh, wow. Must be super-challenging to judge too! But sounds like kind of a fun puzzle if you had set up for it.
  • I just got a text from my friend that the LI facility where I was going to do a couple of runs tomorrow morning with Stella has recently made some dogs that were at the last trial there sick---upper respiratory. Or at least thats the common denominator for a bunch of different sick dogs. Its possible they have cleaned the facility... but I don't know. I entered four events and was only going to get there for the first one or two and see my friend who I have not seen since she lost her sweet dog, but she might not even run tomorrow because of the sick dogs... and then I was going to spend the rest of the day doing birthday stuff with S. maybe the universe is saying skip it to us too????
    • They don't think it was passed dog to dog rather than through the facility itself?

      Maybe better not to risk it.
      • those things like kennel cough---do you remember how judy was about it... she didn't even want to come teach
        • Right! And it's a really long recovery. I had to keep Joey out of class for a month I think.
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