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Who Made These Mounds and Holes?

Who Made These Mounds and Holes?

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looking at me
We have had trouble in this area of the yard with moles in the summer, but this winter we discovered these large strange mounds across the lawn. Now we've found some large holes. What animal might be doing all this work?

  • Gophers. We have them ALL the time, middle of winter. There, spring, there, doesn't matter. They're horrible!

    • Now we have another kind of critter to get did of. How do you get rid of them?
      • Concrete slab?? Seriously. They're aweful and whole companies have sprung up saying they have the secret to getting them gone, but I think it's crap. Lots of dog pee must do something, we hardly get any
        • I was trying to figure out how to catch all Stella's dog pee in the city and transport it to ct. I was thinking of inviting the dog down the street (Callie ) to come pee there when we are not there but then I remembered how reactive she is and how she gets Stella all crazy so her pee on our property could be a problem worse than underground critters.
    • It looks as though gassing is the way they do it.
      • There are all kinds of stories about how gassing doesn't really work because you have to make sure you have sealed all entrances and exits and that's really close to impossible. But if you can find someone who guarantees...
  • Not sure that there are gophers in the Northeast. I could be wrong--I'd want you to catch one in a trap to get an identification first. Control of burrowers is tough--gassing is very dangerous (the only pest control method to have caused acute human fatalities in the US)-- and anti-coagulant is no longer legal to use on native animals (it can be used on Norway rats and house mice).

    I've heard stories of people using soiled cat litter to backfill rodent burrows to convince the rodents to move along.
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