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Joey's Homework

Joey's Homework

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looking at me
We've been working on a little of a few things: crosses, and forward and lateral sends with cones; short sequences with jumps and tunnels; and the teeter bang it game. We've done box work for the Rachel Sanders A-Frame, but it's hard for him to find treats in the grass and so he isn't really getting the bounce in and out of the box very well. Once he'll independently go to the box on a "hit it" cue, we can switch to toys. We have a similar problem with 2by2 weave poles. I've done a little of that in the house. Also we've done board running to a manners minder. He seems to be doing pretty well with that.
  • How about run to a treat bag that you open? Those type with the velcro? You could just toss it lightly when he's supposed to be rewarded and then open it for him for some cheese or whatever? I did this with Ruben.
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