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Matilda's Haircut

Matilda's Haircut

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Today was Matilda's haircut day. She had her last one at the end of August. After three months growth her coat gets too long for me to handle. Here she is in the morning before I left her off at Alta Grooming where Carlos gives her a scissor cut. I spend almost four times more on her haircuts than I do on my Supercuts.

Here she is outside the groomer freshly trimmed from a four and a half inch coat down to two and a half. The hair on her head, legs and tail is longer. Actually her coat is so fluffed out it looks almost as long as it did before the cut. Tomorrow it will start settling down.

  • Tres chic! She is cute in any configuration.
  • she's gorgeous!
    • Thank you. The before and after looks are pretty different. Thanks for the idea. In my morning rush I would never have thought of it.
  • Dear Matilda's Mom,

    Please pass this message to Matilda for me:

    Matilda, my dear friend, you look beautiful. Your haircut is just awesome. Dad gave me a trim today, too, but trust me, your 'do makes my trim job look so amateurish. Dad really loves me, but when it comes to grooming, he's a real cheapskate. I'll be looking to see you in a doggie modelling magazine.

    Love, Saoirse
    • Matilda's Haircut

      Matilda says, "Thank you." She's sure you look quite handsome in your new haircut, too.
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