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this place is for the birds

The Parrots are Back

The Parrots are Back

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Last November I began hearing a loud raucous sound outside. I discovered that huge flocks of parrots were flying by. They descended on neighborhoods eating berries and fruits. When they came close enough for me to get a good look, I checked my bird book to see what they were. I gather there are some other kinds too, but the ones I saw were Red-crowned Parrots. They're native to Mexico, but they're feral in California, Texas, and Florida. I guess these escaped pets do well in this climate and find plenty to eat. Usually the parrots stay further west, but last year and again this year the parrots are spending some time here. My friend said when she heard the parrots returning, she quickly went out and picked as many of her persimmons as she could.

According to Audubon, although the parrots travel in these huge flocks, they also stay paired up with their lifetime mates.

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