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this place is for the birds

More Thoughts on Class

More Thoughts on Class

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looking at me
Well, it's 5:20 and I can't turn off my head. I'm thinking maybe Tilda and I need a break from class. Privates with Barbara have usually gone pretty well. Maybe we should just do a thirty minute private once a week until we can get things positive again. We just started a new set of classes. I'll ask her if she'll roll the rest of them into privates.
  • Have you considered doing some cross training? Sometimes taking a break from agility is the best way to fix things. Maybe try some other dog sport--there are a lot of other things to do with your dog besides agility and you may just find a new passion.
    • Right now I'm auditing an on line canine condition class with Bobbie Lyons. I might do a tricks class next.
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