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this place is for the birds



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This afternoon during lunch recess the son of one of the teachers came knocking at the teachers' lounge door. He wanted to tell his mom and the other teachers that there was a snake up on the telephone wires on the upper field. It was some kind of boa constrictor. All the teachers quickly hurried up to the field to have a look. The snake was coiled around the wire. It slowly made its way along the wire and then disappeared into or behind a tree and was lost to view. Whether it eventually made its was down onto our campus or into our neighbor's yard behind us we don't know.

  • gosh, i always feel like your stories are too exciting to be real, like you must be making them up. but then you always go and have the photographic evidence to back 'em up! yowza!
  • That's very wild. Is there some kind of nature center or wildlife place you could send these pictures to? They might be able to identify the snake. Snakes are so peculiarly designed. It's amazing they can do anything, and then it turns out they can do almost everything.
  • WOW

    Do you think it was someone's escaped pet? Or do boas not the feather kind) slither wild in CA? Does it eat children? Did it send chills up your spine?
    • Re: WOW

      It's probably someone's pet. It did look big enough to eat someone's small pet if it were out in their yard.
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