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Agility Classes

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Last night Matilda and I and my friend S and her dog Sarah started our agility classes.

One day Matilda will be racing through a course with jumps, tunnels, teeter totters, weave poles, and more.

Last night we started on the basics of clicker training. Our teacher Barbara Mah uses only positive re-enforcement methods for instruction. Our dogs learned to touch our hand, hear a click and get a treat. This will be the foundation for learning all the other behaviors. We had a chance to try some of the equipment. First we ran with our dogs across a series of poles on the ground for a click and a treat at the end. Some dogs resisted walking across the poles. Next with treats we led our dogs along a ladder lying in the ground. The dogs needed to keep all four legs inside the rails.

The last challenge was jumping through a tire for a click and a treat on the other side. All the dogs and trainers seemed to be having fun.
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