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this place is for the birds



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At school everyone dresses up for Halloween, including teachers and resident dogs. This year Matilda was a bride. I,of course, was the mother of the bride.

After parading at school the kindergarten and first grade classes went trick or treating at the retirement home across the street.

They had nice decorations.

I liked their jack-o-lantern.

As you can see, Matilda and I had a great time!

  • Matillda looks hilarious and you look fabulous. I love the idea of taking the kids trick or treating at a retirement home. That must have been a very sweet (no pun) scene. Happy Halloween to the both of you.

    • It was a sweet scene. The residents get a kick out of seeing the kids, and the kids love the treats.
  • you should have been Frankenstein!!!!!! ...next year
  • Matilda, you were such a _beautiful_ bride. Mom, you look so proud.
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