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this place is for the birds

Village Venture

Village Venture

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The last Saturday in October our town has huge fair with hundreds of vendors. In the morning Matilda and I went down town to look around and do a little shopping. Earlier in the morning they had had a costume parade. We missed that, but I saw quite a few people in costume.

A lot of people bring their dogs to Village Venture. I ran into two other people with their labradoodles. A man was selling these dogs.

At noon I took Matilda home and then came back to Village Venture to work at the Audubon Society Booth.

We were raising funds for Wild Wings of California which rehabilitates injured birds and releases them to the wild. Some birds have problems that would prevent them from functioning in the wild. These birds are kept and become very fine ambassadors for their species. The booth always attracts many visitors. The birds are amazing.

This is Adonis, a Peregrine Falcon.

Red-tailed Hawk

This is Andrew, a Great Horned Owl.

This is Timmy, A Harris's Hawk.

At the end of the day the birds return to the San Dimas Nature Center.
  • peregrine falcon

    isn't there an old black and white sinister mystery movie with a very valuable peregrine falcon in it that everyone is trying to get? this one looks like it belongs in a sinister mystery movie, except you are smiling that big smile... very cool.... did it just perch on you? did it talk? are its wings clipped?
    • Re: peregrine falcon

      "The Maltese Falcon", a Humphrey Bogart movie. It wasn't a real bird. It was a sculpture. I've forgotten if something was inside it, or if it was gold painted over black. I like those old film noir, Humphrey Bogart gangster movies.

      The bird sitting on my hand was very nice. They all were. They're wearing leashes tied from one of their legs to a ring on the glove. Once the bird got upset. Someone holding a balloon came too close and he made some squawking noise. I think all of these birds can fly. Adonis can't see well enough to hunt which is why he's captive. They have a pretty big flying cage at the Nature Center where the birds can fly.
  • I love owls! Gorgeous birds, and good on you for helping out.
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