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The Fires

The Fires

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This morning the sky was blue. The air was clear. By 10:30 the smoke from the Southern California fires was moving in. By lunch time the kids at my school were not allowed to go out to play. The air was too bad. My car in the parking lot was sprinkled with ash. The smoke filled sky had an eerie light. At 5:15p.m the sun was a strange red.

  • I was wondering how close you were... are you worried? Is this the closest they've been? How is your breathing?
    • Fires

      A few years ago i could see the fires. The fire was in the hills just north.This year, so far, it's only smoke and ash here. It does bother my breathing, but it's not too bad. Matilda doesn't come to school with me today. I think I'll leave her inside.
  • This is so terrible. I hope they stay far from you, and far from everyone. How are your students dealing with it?
    • Fires

      None of the kids in the school have lost houses. Several kids have relatives who were evacuated. Some talked about seeing fire when driving. They miss being able to get out and run.
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