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this place is for the birds

Bike Riding With Matilda

Bike Riding With Matilda

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looking at me

At home in California Matilda runs and chases her kong in our yard. Here in Connecticut I can't just let her run. Yesterday we tried bike riding for exercise. It worked pretty well. We rode-ran a mile with only one spill when she started after a squirrel.
  • welcome to lj

    yay!!!!!!! you did it!!!!!!!!!

    glad to be in touch on lj sis...

    keep posting!
  • Your summer

    Love your journal. Sounds like an adventurous summer!!! Love the photos and Matilda looks fantastic. Love from your sister Choxie and the
    the gang at Cherry Valley labradoodles.

    PS. I am in Boston on my honeymoon--look for my first pups in Oct.
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