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AKC Trial in Walnut

AKC Trial in Walnut

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Matilda and I had a good day today at the AKC trial in Walnut. Saturday she broke her start line stay, took off courses and was not staying with me.  Today was much better.  We got our first T2B Q and got 9 points whatever that means. I didn't get video of that one. She didn't Q her EX JWW run, but it was my fault I sent her to an off course jump. I got her back on course and she finished fine.The Open Standard run was messy. She had a refusal and an off course. The end of the DW she didn't know what to do. She did't go into an automatic down on the table the way we have been practicing, but from the table to the end she was very fast. I need to learn how to get her moving that fast with me more often. I used her bed when we were waiting to run. That worked very well today, not so well yesterday.
  • Ha! She shoots out of those tunnels like a rocket!
    Very good job. I see her being more connected. I do see that when you have to stop to correct her course, she stops dead. It's up to you, but in cases where the Q is already gone, I might just keep going with her. Keeping the flow seems very important to this dog. Bringing her back to get a jump she missed (or dogwalk) loses her momentum and shakes her confidence.

    I'm glad the mat is working a bit. Keep taking it places, even non-sports things like Vet office, store, park... see if you can build up the value.

    Cheers on the lovely weekend. I always envy your sun and beautiful trial sites!
    • Yes, she does stop dead, and she does seem to lose confidence. Does she lose confidence in me as her partner? I'm not trustworthy? I can see how that could be. Would that be true of weaves, too, where its her independent job? I agree momentum is very important for her.

      I really like the mat.
      • Confidence is a "team" thing. Totally. It's not just about you OR about her. It's about flow and timing and both of you moving as one. It's a dance.

        If your partner stomps on your feat because they place their feet wrongly, that messes up the whole dance.

        I believe in "keep moving" for dogs like Matti. If they take something wrong, or go around something 90% of the time it's because you cue'd it incorrectly, or too slowly (not "you" you... US you) the other 10% goes for being distracted by something outside the ring. But dogs who are "in flow" and don't know they've gone off will more likely ignore outside ring distractions.

        Of course, a lot of people just "want to be right" so they'll re-set their dogs and try again. And some dogs are very cool with that. Some are not. I don't know Matilda, but she seems to me to be an "in flow" type of dog. She's a dolly.
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