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My New Doodlemobile

My New Doodlemobile

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Well, I took the plunge.  Yesterday I bought a new Prius V.    My 1998 Subaru has been a great car, but when the clutch went out last summer I decided it might be time to think about a new car. When I heard about the Prius V, a hybrid wagon, it sounded interesting. Gas here is now $4.25-$4.50 a gallon and likely to be going up. This seemed a good time to make switch. I'd have time to get used to the car before a long drive.

Here it is Prius V in Blue Ribbon Blue. I love the color and the name is just too cute.

The cargo area is a little less deep than the Subaru, 41 inches instead of 46 inches, but its a little wider 39 inches at the back and 60 inches near the hatch instead of 37 inches at the back and 54 inches near the hatch door in the Subaru.  Also you can slide   the rear seats forward and open up four more inches in the cargo area. You can also put both back seats flat to make the cargo area really big. Since Matilda rides belted in the back seat I won't be doing that for traveling.

With the the back seats in the forward position there's a trench behind them where I plan to load my weave pole bases  for

Under the cargo mat floor there's another storage area.

I'm just starting to get acquainted with my new car and all that it can do.

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