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USDAA Trial: Good Runs for Us and Daisy Peel to Watch, Too

This weekend Matilda and I went to one day of a two day West Valley Dogsports USDAA trial at the Pomona Fairplex. (Saturday we went to the Upland Library and listened to 18 kids read to us.) This was only our second USDAA trial. I went to one about a year ago. There aren't too many nearby. Also I have felt a little intimidated.

Anyway, the day before the trial I was looking at the running order and saw that Daisy Peel was running. What was she doing here?  About a year ago I took a seminar with her out here so I decided she must be doing another one. I introduced myself and reminded her who I was. Yes, she was doing several days of classes for a trainer nearby.

We were running P1.  I wanted to keep Matilda close to the 20 inches she started off jumping for CPE.  She does AKC preferred. I didn't get video. I feel funny asking people I don't really know to do video for me.  Our runs really went pretty well.  I brought the little blanket I've been using as a mat. Matilda seems to like the massage routine. We were able to come over really pretty last minute to the gate which was no gate. The ring was defined by a ribbon with two very large openings that were the gates. Our Gamblers run was good. We did tire, jump, chute, dog walk, jump, teeter, and off to a tunnel when the buzzer sounded. We were close to the Gamble jump, tunnel, jump which she did pretty easily. We Q'd 2nd place. Our Standard run Matilda popped out of the poles early, twice. I decided just to go on. Our Jumpers run had a couple of challenging turns.  It was fun. We Q'd 1st place.  It was a good weekend for us. Confidence building after some  discouraging runs.

Well, I did get video of Daisy's runs.  It was interesting to see her pre-run routine with her dogs. She did the jumping, barking game Silvia does with her dogs. Of the runs I saw, she never took a lead out. Her handling, too, was interesting, all motion, hardly
any arms.


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