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this place is for the birds

Visit to Cherry Valley Labradoodles (Australian Labradoodles)

Visit to Cherry Valley Labradoodles (Australian Labradoodles)

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I went out to Cherry Valley Labradoodles today  just to see Tiffany's dogs. I hadn't been there since I got Matilda. She had some three week old puppies, but they're going to be large, larger than Matilda. We saw Starbuck the new mom, Choxie (Matilda's sister), Hersey (Choxie's daughter and Matilda's niece), Niki (another big one), and Violet. Hersey and Violet are both smaller than Matilda or Choxie.


Violet and Choxie  Violet checks out the new puppies.


Tiffany says she has stuck with the mediums and standards because she doesn't like the temperament of the minis. They're too high strung and yappy she said. I asked her how people got the minis. She said they bred in cocker and cockapoo. I liked both Violet and Hersey. In this last video She talks about the coats. When they're first born the ones with fleece coats are smooth. The wool coats look wavy. When they get a little older the coats all look the same for a while.
  • did you ever have an epilepsy conversation with her? which dog did it come from genetically? or did no one else have it? its something you should consider because another dog with it might not have such a mild deal
    • Yes, I should have that conversation with her and ask her about any other other health problems her dogs might have. I did call her at the time. I don't think any of her dogs have it, but I should find out if it turned up in any puppies.
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