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Choosing a Puppy

Choosing a Puppy

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I have been reading [info]nosemovie  and her research on getting a new puppy. I'm also thinking about getting a new puppy. I'll wait til late spring or summer when I'll be out of school and have the time.  I'll be getting another labradoodle.  I have asthma. and I have felt much better, really have had no attacks, since I no longer have cats or a shedding dog, and I really love Matilda.  I've contacted Matilda's breeder to see what she has coming. She'll have several litters ready to go home late spring, early summer. I'm also going to contact the breeder where [info]dinahprincedaly   got Stella.

I want a dog for agility and for therapy dog work, too.  Stella's breeder has a group of smaller labradoodles which I thought might be good. They have the same temperament and look as the larger ones.  For agility I thought  it might be good to have a dog of a different height. A dog of a different height would be a new challenge.  Also,  I don't like the thought of running dogs back to back, but of course it would be  a several years any way before a puppy would be doing trials. Also for traveling having one dog a little smaller might be easier. I'm not firm on the size.

Does anyone have advice on judging puppies for structure and drive? What I should be looking for? Advice on books to look at? When I got Matilda I had no idea I'd be doing agility. I was just looking for a cute puppy. The therapy dog part I thought about right away, especially when I was able to bring her to school with me.  Now I'll be looking for a puppy who'll an agility puppy as well as a pet..

  • and honestly, what I've learned from switching from Delta to Good Dog Foundation... the most important quality for a therapy dog is that they love getting attention from people... that they have no problem looking people right in the eye and approaching happily... our hospital work in the pediatrics unit was non-stop tricks, entertainment and also getting the kids to give the cues... in rehab it was mostly a trick and then curling up on the floor snoozing while the person talked bout the pets they used to have... I'll see if I can find the link to Stella's great great grandfather a very drivey amazing therapy dog, that instinctive drive for what he was supposed to do that sent him through plate glass to help his master... here is Cool Dude http://www.alpsdoodles.org/pages/cooldude.htm
    • oooh, he looks lovely. What a great dog. It's like he's FULL of love! you can see it in his eye.
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