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Zoomie Run and Down on the Table

Zoomie Run and Down on the Table

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Well, we went to a trial on Saturday and it was awful.  T2B was a zoomie from the start. Our tugging before going into the ring wasn't going very well. Then I missed hearing the ring steward call us and so we rushed into the ring last minute.  I could see her wild eyes and off she went.  Our other two runs were  better, but not good. It was a very frustrating day.Next time I may try incorporating Control Unleashed "Look at That" game.

Today our class was cancelled for impending rain which didn't really come. During what would have been class time I decided to try teaching an automatic down on the table. I don't have an agility table so I took a regular table and covered it with cardboard and it worked pretty well. I didn't think to record the training from the beginning, but Matilda very quickly got on the table, and then very quickly went into a down when after a few rewards for going on the table I delayed giving her a treat.  She's a good girl.
  • she IS a good girl!

    are you going to post about the doodle name change?
  • she was moving FAST that girl--and then she didn't know what to do after the tunnel, she didn't see you... was she supposed to teeter next?
  • Do you guys have a "mat" behavior from CU? How is she on it? Solid? or shaky.

    I would take the mat ring side and reward for calm attention and maybe even massage. If your dog can relax on a mat at ringside with dogs running, barking, being nuts, you have a calm and focused dog.

    Just my 2 cents.
    • She has a pretty good go to mat mat behavior, but I've never tried it at a trial. It's worth a try. I have tried sitting down on the grass with her near the ring. That sometimes seemed to help. The mat would add another layer of security for her.
      • It's my opinion that many students underestimate the power of the mat. I'm a huge proponent. Thing is... the dog UNDERSTANDS the mat. Here is a place I just lay down, and I don't get up until released and I RELAX here!! I do know that some will say it's a "prop" and what do you do with it when you go in, etc.... but honestly. If you could guarantee 2 min of totally calm behavior EXACTLY prior to stepping into the ring, wouldn't you use that? I would.

        Ok, off my soap box.

  • we've been working on our down too... on walks, but not on tables
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