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this place is for the birds

My neighbors had been telling me there were cats living under my…

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My neighbors had been telling me there were cats living under my house. The wire mesh that covers the air vents at the base of my house has rusted and now there's a big hole. I've seen the hair sticking to the mesh. I didn't quite know what to do. I didn't want to close up the hole and maybe trap a cat inside. I delayed doing anything. Then last week and again Friday I heard a cat meowing under the house. I decided I would I would go into the crawl space under the house and do my best to see no one was there and then close up the hole.

Here is one of the cats outside the vent. He took off when I stepped closer.  I temporarily covered the hole so no one would come
in while I did my crawl space check.

It would be easy for a cat to hide down there.  There are beams and walls, but I decided I did what I could.  I closed up the hole.

Then, the electrician came to do some jobs for me.  He put in a new motion detector light over my garage so I can see when I arrive home after dark and he put some outside lights on a switch so I can do agility after dark in my backyard. The lights had always been there but they were on a pull cord which was no longer there. Now all three lights  turn on with a switch.

We tried them out.  It's really brighter than it looks in the video.

It will be nice to work on something in the evening. It's often dark when I get home from school.
  • going forward... not under...

    • Re: going forward... not under...

      It was late or maybe early before school when I looked at this. I didn't have a chance to look. Do you think the book looks good or I should take the on line course? Picking a second puppy will be a different thing won't it. I'll need to do some research. Are you thinking you might get a puppy this year? This summer? This fall?
  • I wish the lakehouse "basement" looked as good as this... project for the summer??????

    so, do you use kik&cap in class? what does Barbara say?
    • My house is up the hill. The basement stays dry all the time. We do need to get the pumps going.

      I do use kik and cap in class. Barb doesn't say much.
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