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this place is for the birds

I had a good time at the HIDAC AKC trial this weekend. Matilda and I…

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I had a good time at the HIDAC AKC trial this weekend. Matilda and I Q'd three out of seven runs. We Q'd EX Pref JWW and FAST on Saturday and Open Pref Standard today. We didn't get T2B either day. Yesterday we had an off course tunnel. Today I pulled Matilda off the correct tunnel entrance that should have been easy. Our JWW run today was close. She had a perfect run until the last jump, but even our NQ runs were fun. None of the runs was a disaster. I didn't get stressed. Here are our three Q runs. The judges were both very nice. I've gone to fun run-throughs at Mark Upshaw's. Both he and Susan McClair were very positive and applauded every pair enthusiastically. I was a little jet-lagged on Saturday. I got back to CA Friday evening 8:00, 11:00 NYC time. I worried a little how I'd be on the drive home, but I was okay.
  • you guys look good---how great you were not stressed!!!!! the last one--FAST was speedy!
    • Stress

      For some reason i usually feel as though I'm putting everything on the line each time we run. This weekend I didn't feel that way. Last night I played a short section of Silvia's DVD. The section on Stress. She says it's important not to let your dog know when something goes wrong. It's just another try. It's important for confidence and speed. A mistake is a handling or training mistake, not a dog mistake. I need to remember that. I see Matilda shut down when I telegraph "mistake".
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