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Limp Tail

Limp Tail

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Just about an hour and a half after shooting the video of the Silvia Trkman course I took Matilda for a walk and I discovered Matilda's tail wasn't right.  It hung straight down. She could still wag it, but she wasn't holding it up in its normal position. I finished the video at about 4 or 4:30. I put the video together and put it on Silvia's site.  At about 5:30 we went for our walk and Matilda looked like this.

It's now one day later and her tail is still down. Has anyone had any experience with this?
  • None of my dogs have had it, but I've had three or four students dogs get it, mostly retrievers after lots of swimming. When I showed Goldens it was apparently common for them to get it, handlers called it dead tail. Seems to be it acts like a sprain, takes a few days to get better, Some of them have gotten pain meds from vet.

  • Yep.
    Dead tail. I've heard of it too. Especially in field labs.
  • Her tail is better today, but still not 100%.
  • Her tail is back now????

    I was thinking about her tendency to blind cross you sometimes... and I was thinking why don't you get Daisy's LOOKBACK video and train the blind cross... so she is paying closer attention to what you are asking and that a blindcross isn't her random choice and she will know when you want it and when you are not cueing it... it will certainly make clear if its really a focus issue or more about disobedience... I bet she just doesn't know its not her choice cause blind cross isn't in her repetoire
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