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Working Handling Class II Course 1

Working Handling Class II Course 1

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Matilda and I are taking Silvia's Handling II class.  We took the first one, too, and the Foundations class.  The handling class  will give us challenging courses to run at home with Silvia's wonderful comments. 

We worked  the first one yesterday.  I have a small yard and only one tunnel, not to mention no contacts, but I break the courses into small pieces and substitute obstacles where I need to, and it works. On this course I called a cap where I should have called a "round" to the back of the jump at the beginning. Matilda took a round anyway from my body position, but I better be careful not to mix her up.

  • Nice job!!!
    • Thank you. Silvia's on line classes are great!
      • yes---you are looking really good, speedy and all on complicated stuff... love that send to the poles!!!

        you know, you might post vid or pix of her tail here because maybe others have other experience with the same thing????????????
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