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this place is for the birds

This weekend Matilda and I went to a DASH AKC trial in Costa…

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This weekend Matilda and I went to a DASH AKC trial in Costa Mesa.  First I've decided I should celebrate the positive.  We earned our JWW Open Preferred title, taking first place.  Two other Labradoodles actually took second and third place. If I dare, we can now run Excellent  JWW courses.Saturday's runs and today's Standard runs didn't go well. Saturday's JWW had off courses. In both Standards Matilda missed contacts and there were other problems. Somehow I need to learn to harness Matilda's over the top energy or to bring it to a level where she can think. Here is Sunday's Standard run. We still need one more leg in Novice.Once she misses contacts that throws me off, too. My handling after the dog walk was late and bad. I have a knee that has been bothering me since summer so I don't trust my knee. That keeps me from running full out and with confidence. I need to work contacts with her in a non-trial setting but work her up to trial level energy and stress if I can.
  • get some PT with that knee!!!!! won't your job health insurance pay for it?

    ok, now I'm gonna look at your runs...
    • I should look into PT. I have been doing the exercises I was given to do when I first injured my knee, not every day as I should though. And last week yoga started up at school again (twice a week ) . That seems to be making my knee feel better.
  • jumpers was great---congrats, GO for those excellent courses!!!!!!!

    yep, you were clearly upset at the end of the second vid... whats going on with her start stays? which totally could be related to her DW... and oh she has a case of the CPE table.... but she fast and she WAS paying pretty close attention toward the end, scooting away at the last jump only cause you guys collided but looking at you for cues and coming back right after to finish... then no good girl for refocussing : ( did she get a good girl after the camera shut off?

    we really have to research and do something (maybe even drastic) about the moles or they will ruin our ENTIRE agility field at the lake... or else we'll all be lame

    Edited at 2011-11-04 11:35 pm (UTC)
    • I need to work start line stays in the yard with exciting distractions and enticements.

      The end of the run was my fault. I was out of position and in her way.

      Yes, she should have had a good girl for refocusing.
  • oh yes---and GO LABRADOODLES!
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