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this place is for the birds

Labradoodle Romp

Labradoodle Romp

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Today Matilda, 1grammy and I went to the 2007 Labradoodle Romp in Malibu. What a blast!!!

About 350 people and their labradoodles (there were a few goldendoodles) gathered in a grove of oak trees to watch the dogs romp, tell dog stories with other doodle lovers, and enjoy a delicious lunch.

There were a lot of water bowls around,but the ice bucket with soft drinks was a favorite drinking spot.

As you might have guessed, the scarves in many colors were party favors.

The dog with Matilda and me is an official service dog. She's been certified by DELTA dogs for the READ program. Her "mom" takes her to libraries so children can read to her. Matilda worked unofficially at my school and at the library last summer. I think Matilda will be coming to school again with me this year.

This Rutland Manor Australian Labradoodle is just 10 weeks old.

This is Beverly Manners, owner of Rutland Manor and one of the originators of ASD(Australian Service Dog)Labradoodles. Labradoodles are basically Lab poodle crosses. The ASD labrdoodles also have several other breeds that have been added to the mix and they're multigeneration labradoodles. Beverly Manners is trying to get these dogs registered as a breed.

As part of the process to get a breed registered you need to hold a certain number of breed conformation shows. This year's was the second ASD Labradoodle conformation show.

They also had several fun contests. The first was a timed obstacle course. I thought Matilda and I could try that. She had to start sitting in a hoola hoop. At "go" we weaved in and out of a series of poles and back to a sit in the hoola hoop. Then we started weaving in and out a second set of poles and back to a down in the hoola hoop. Finally, we ran down the center of the poles and crossed a small jump. Matilda came in first!! Here she is with her prize.

There was also a best trick contest with dancing dogs, rolling over dogs, jumping through hoops dogs, and twirling dogs. There was a prize for the owner who looked most like his or her dog. These red heads were the winners.

This was the best kisser contest.

Actress Barbara Eden of "I Dream of Jeanie" fame was the judge of the tricks, look alike, and kisses contests.

Matilda and I are looking forward to romping with the labradoodles again in 2008.
  • your winning streak continues...

    I knew you and Matilda were winners!!!! looks like you had lots of good fun... so I guess "Jeanie" has labradoodles herself? Living in a bottle doesn't seem to have been such a bad life, she looks almost the same except a different outfit... what did you think of the rutland mannor woman, B wants to get ours from her...
    • Re: your winning streak continues...

      Yes, I guess Jeanie has a labradoodle. I don't know if it was there. I talked briefly with Beverly Manners, told her Matilda was Rutland Sharni's daughter. She was impressed Matilda had held the brown color, not faded to cafe. I didn't talk with her long. The woman who was running the show with her( from Rutland USA in Florida) was urging her to eat. I did ask her how long a wait you'd have. She said it depended on how particular your request was. The Rutland USA woman said the wait was much shorter for USA dogs. She said they were the same dogs. They were Rutland dogs.
  • Hello! I hope you don't mind me barging in here, but I was searching through interests for 'labradoodles' and came across your journal. I have a gray male named Darcy who's a year and a half old - adopted from a shelter in January after I had to put my great dane mix down - quite a change in energy levels! :) I'd love to hook up with other doodle owners, so please let me know if it's okay to add you.
    • Labradoodles

      Sure, I'd love to hear about Darcy.
      • I don't write about him exclusively too much, unfortunately. I just want to get to know other doodle owners. Especially since you do so much with her - which is exactly what I want to do with Darce. I'll add you now!
  • Wow! This looks like a fantastic day. And Matilda looks like a fantastic dog. I envy you the reading program. Maybe Saoirse and I will do something like that when I retire in 3 1/2 years. Your sister makes fun of me because Saoirse is a "cockapoo," a term which I find a touch less than cool. I wonder what people would think if I started calling her a "cockerdoodle" instead. Well, names aside, she's a fantastic dog, too, but I can just tell from the photos that Matilda is a champion at bringing kids to potential.
    • Doodles

      I like "cockerdoodle". Why not use it? Saoirse looks like a great dog. If she likes kids and is gentle and calm with them , I don't know why you couldn't do a reading program with her.
      • Re: Doodles

        Maybe I will. And Saoirse's 2 out of 3. She loves kids and is unbelievably gentle. Calm depends on the day. If you put her down with a baby, she'll lay right down next to the kid and snuggle, calm and gentle. But if a 2-year-old wants to play, she's a whirlawind. But when I'm trying to pry a 13-year-old out of her shell, she's better than any Ph.D. psychologist or counselor. Kids will tell a dog anything, no matter who's there.
        • Re: Doodles

          I agree with you about kids taking to dogs. They can say anything to a dog, and a dog just seems to lift them out of a bad mood.
  • oh what fun!! wonderful, wonderful!!
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