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this place is for the birds

AKC Trial in City of Industry

AKC Trial in City of Industry

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The AKC trial at City of Industry this weekend was good for us. This was our sixth AKC trial and we had not gotten a Standard Q since our first AKC trial a year ago in the same location.  We finished Novice Jumpers and  have two legs in Open Jumpers and our FAST Novice title, but Standard was eluding us. It's  mostly been missed contacts, but there were off courses, table faults, weave problems along the way, too.  Not being able to get the Q was causing me stress on its own along with other trial stresses.

Saturday was a bust.  We started with T2B. I thought we might as well try it. We were on the line.  The little voice said to "go".   I took off Matilda's leash and tossed it back, and the judge said, "Wait a minute.  I have to check some paperwork."  I grabbed Matilda and realized she still had her regular collar with tags on.  At the same time the leash runner kindly and quietly came up and pointed out that she had on the collar with tags.  I quickly removed it and gave it to the leash runner who discreetly gave it to someone outside the ring. Well, after this very stressy (for me) start and false stressy start for Matilda she had a zoomie run such as I haven't seen in a long, long time. No video.  My videographer didn't go early for T2B.

Saturday no Q's

Sunday Our JWW and Standard Q's

Both days were hot, and the flies were really bothering Matilda. This is an equestrian center. We were well under time, but we weren't really fast, still it was a relief to finally Q.

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