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Back Home to Trial in CA: UPSNDOWNS CPE

Back Home to Trial in CA: UPSNDOWNS CPE

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A week ago Saturday we started our six day drive home from Connecticut.  It was a lot of long days on the road.  Matilda is a really good traveler, but the last two days there was some whimpering from the seat behind me.  We were both glad when the drive was over.  Our reward was the UPSNDOWNS CPE trial in Valley Center, CA on the weekend.  It was an hour and a half drive, but this time I could be a passenger.  My friend drove.

Saturday we didn't do very well, only the one Q in Fullhouse. In hindsight I could see all the mistakes in my handling. We had off courses in Standard, Colors, and Jumpers.  In Jackpot we missed the gamble. Again, it was my handling error.

Sunday was much better. We had four out of five Q's, all first place.  In Standard Matilda launched off the A-Frame so no Level 4 Standard for the weekend, but we got Jumpers, Jackpot, Wildcard and Snooker.

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