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Dealing with Poison Ivy

Dealing with Poison Ivy

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In the less traveled parts of our yard we have a poison ivy problem. We get huge, thick vines crawling around and strangling our trees. Last year and again this year we've had the poison ivy guy, Will Bartlett,  come to pull out the big stuff for us.

We have to fence off these areas so the dogs don't bring the oils to us on their coats. We'd love to get rid of all the ivy so we could reclaim the area one day. Here is Bartlett's video. It's quite fun. We're so glad we found him. He's great!

  • I'm allergic too. No Bartlett here and I finally broke down and sprayed. Every time I see a little snip of ivy growing I spray it. I hate to do that but I would be covered in blisters all summer.

  • It's an awful plant.
  • bad news: Bartlett says the spray only kills the leaves but the root thrives on... he says after people spray and the top has died and he pulls the roots they are still full of live juice... probably sending up shoots elsewhere AND there is even MORE bad news... and this is REALLY bad... he says poison ivy has mutated in places to have FOUR leaves instead of the telltale THREE---I'm screwed
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