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SCAT CPE Trial in Hamden, CT July 29-31

SCAT CPE Trial in Hamden, CT July 29-31

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 This weekend Matilda and I did our last east coast trial of the summer, SCAT CPE in Hamden, CT.   As usual it was great fun. The judge Jerry McKenzie was the judge who had given us our first Q back in California.  His courses were interesting and challenging. Over all I was pleased with how we did.  We had moved to Level 4 in everything but Snooker where we are still Level 3.  I wasn't brave enough to try Snooker for quite a number of trials so we're behind.  In Level 4 no off courses are allowed anymore. Of the nine runs we Q'd five.  We missed the two Standards (off courses) and a Jackpot and Fullhouse (both over the time), but Matilda held her start-line stays, did her poles first time all but once, made her contacts. In one of the Standards I converged on the A-Frame  pushing Matilda from the Frame to the tunnel.  In the other Standard Matilda took a big loopy run out after a jump and then I brought her back to the wrong set of poles.  I think I'm doing better understanding and learning from my mistakes.

Matilda had some good runs, too. She took first place in Wildcard, second in Jumpers and
Snooker, and third in Colors.


  • When CPE nationals is up in Oregon in 2012 (very VERY possible) you should come up!!! so we can meet Matilda and see you kick butt!
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