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this place is for the birds

Visiting the Goats of Lexington, MA

Visiting the Goats of Lexington, MA

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 Matilda and I went for the weekend to visit my friend Ursula and her dog Kimare in Lexington, MA.  Ursula fook me to see her friend Hale Schatz's herd of goats in her backyard.  She raises them for milk and cheese and just because she loves them.  Ursula is thinking of keeping a pair of kids for her own backyard.   
Later, we were able to meet up with the the goats and their owner, Hale, where she had taken them to graze on town land. All except the youngest goats and their mother were there. The youngest are only two weeks old and might be picked off by a hawk. The goats go for a daily walk for an hour or two each day. Hale has to watch out for loose dogs. She carries a stick to protect the goats if she needs to.

  We stopped to feed the goats some leaves they especially like.  

At the end of the walk, the goats piled into the back of Hale's Volvo for the return trip to their yard.

What fun!  The goats are awfully cute!!

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