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SCAT CPE Trial in Hamden, CT July 8-10

SCAT CPE Trial in Hamden, CT July 8-10

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We had a wonderful time at the SCAT CPE trial in Hamden, CT. Matilda earned her Level 3 Standard Title on Saturday. Now we will move to Level 4 in everything but Snooker which seemed too scary to even try for quite a while. We'll be starting Level 3 Snooker next trial. I have video of Friday and Sunday, but not Saturday unfortunately. It would have been fun to see her 1st Place Standard Q.



Matilda was wonderful. She held her start-line stays, made her contacts, and wasn't barking madly while we waited to run. Granted this trial was indoors, not outside like our California trials. I was able to keep her away from the barking, running dogs until very shortly before we ran, but really what seemed to make the difference was that i massaged her. I massaged her shoulders, her neck, below her ears. She went into a sit and just seemed to enjoy it. I think this is what
made the difference in her being able to think and pay attention.

As an added plus to the trial, in the workers raffle, I won a really neat cooler, loaded with cheese, crackers, candy, and two Starbucks frappucchino drinks.
  • Yay!!!
    I know when Raze isn't barking at the start line, I'm in for good things. :)
    • I should have said, too, that Matilda's not barking allowed ME to think and pay attention.
      • Yes, I wish I could communicate to my dog the fact that his loud-ear-crushing barking can get annoying AND makes me frazzled!
        • With a 2x4?
          (just kiddin of course, but couldn't resist)
          • I guess I can admit, I've considered striking him with large objects at more than one occasion. But I know for a fact it would do no good. A fish has gotta swim = a Razor has gotta bark.
  • Nicely done! That's a seriously successful trial, I have a cooler just like that in pink, I love it!
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