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PAWS N' EFFECT CPE TRIAL June 24-26, 2011 Hamden, CT

Matilda and I made our our quick cross country trip in time to make the Paws N' Effect CPE trial with Dinah, Bronagh, and Stella. We had a great time!

Friday evening Dinah and I went for the one run, a non-traditional Jackpot which was lots of fun.  It was called Jailhouse Jackpot.  In the middle of the ring was a square  box lined off, the "jailhouse". We could do the gamble any time. Once we went in the box our dog could" bail us out" by doing four obstacles outside the box while we remained inside the box. Nearby, around the box were an AF with a tunnel under it, three jumps and a set of six poles. I sent Matilda through the tunnel and called her around to do the three jumps on the next two sides of the square. We Q'd. We didn't do video Friday.

Saturday and Sunday B came along and shared Stella's runs with Dinah. We have video of both days. Matilda and I got 8 out of 9 Q's for the three days. Here are videos of Saturday and Sunday.

I tried not having Matilda out way early for her runs. The running dogs make her so high she can't listen to me. I also tried massaging her while we waited. We were both calmer at this trial. We did better.

This was the first time Paws N' Effects had done their own trial. They did a great job. One novel thing they offered was their own Agility Personal Q ribbon (not CPE's).  You could take one at your own discretion if you and your dog met some personal goal but did not Q. Great idea!

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