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this place is for the birds

On the Road

On the Road

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Today Matilda and I  finished the fourth day of our six day trip from California to Connecticut.  The first two days I was really tired. I had had to  pack up my room at school really fast and then pack to go.  I've been doing this cross country trip for quite a few years, but I don't usually leave so quickly. This year we signed up for  a trial starting this Friday night so I needed a quick start. I hadn't had enough sleep. Those first two days I had to make several stops for catnaps.  The second night, in Colorado, at the motel I locked my keys in the car.  I could see them on the floor.  Then,  I had to wait 2 hours watching the car til the AAA guy, a transplant from Dublin,  came from 70 miles away to open my car.  Yesterday, I drove through Kansas in blinding rain and powerful winds. I had to pull off the road twice.  Finally, I pulled out into a bright blue sky.  Very relieved I pulled into a station for gas. There I heard a tornado had just crossed the highway. Today's drive to Effingham, Illinois was a smooth one.  I'm looking forward to arriving in CT Thursday.
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