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Two Days at the AKC Mission Circuit Agility Trial at the Pomona Fairplex

Two Days at the AKC Mission Circuit Agility Trial at the Pomona Fairplex

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Matilda and I went to two days of a four day trial at the Pomona Fairplex.  It's coordinated with the four day Mission Circuit Dog Show which I have gone to for years.  At the trial four years ago I ran into the parent of one of my former students from many years ago.  She was working the trial.  I asked her who I could study agility with.  She suggested Barbara Mah. The following November I started classes with Barbara.  This is the first year this agility trial has accepted non breed dogs.

Saturday was pretty awful. Two bad runs:  Open JWW and Novice Standard.  The only good thing was Matilda's perfect weaves in the Jumpers run, and actually I was really pretty pleased with that.

In Standard she again broke the start line.

Today we did better. We Q'd in Open Jumpers, our first leg. One of my students and her mom came to watch. They had fun. The girl wanted to go with me to show the ribbons to Matilda.

Our Standard run today wasn't too bad, but we had three refusals and didn't Q. The refusals were my fault. I was way late giving her cues.  She made her contacts, and did her weaves.

We need to work on start line stays again. They had been good, but now they've fallen apart.
  • I see Matilda actually missed the last pole on our Q Jumpers run, Oh well.
    • you mean the judge missed it?

      you look like you are doing much more running - is that a result of the trkman class?

      we can work on proofing stays this summer, we need work too. what I did at the SI trial was put Stell on a 30-ft lead and in a stay and then lead way out and did all kinds of shinanigans before releasing her... movng my arms, jumping around, almost saying ok... and then also throwing toys while in a sit stay... waiting a long time before releasing her... all right before running, that way its FRESH in her head
      • The judge didn't see it. I wasn't aware of it at the time.

        I am trying to do more running.

        Yes, let's work on stays. I did work on that with a long line at the trial. I usually do, but I guess I need to do more now.
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