matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Sand in My Salad

Over the weekend I made myself a salad for dinner. All of a sudden I was chewing grit. How did all that sand get in my lettuce. I'd washed it. I dumped the salad and washed out my mouth. Then I bit into my chicken and I felt a sharp pain. It wasn't sand. I hoped I had just broken a filling and not a tooth. Fortunately, my tooth only hurt when I chewed on it or drank something hot. This afternoon I got in to see the dentist. Matilda had been with me at school so I brought her along with me to the dentist. She waited outside the room while I had my X-ray and then lay quietly by the wall while the dentist looked at my tooth.

I kept hoping the problem could be fixed with a filling. It turns out it's my wisdom tooth. The dentist said I could have that tooth and the opposing one on the bottom pulled, or I could get a crown. I want to keep my teeth, so I've opted for the crown. It's always something.

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