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TVAC CPE Trial In Murrieta

TVAC CPE Trial In Murrieta

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Today Matilda and I went to a TVAC CPE trial in Murrieta.  We drove down with Wendy and two other students in Barbara's Classes set up with us. We all had a good time.  Our first run was FullHouse which went pretty well. We Q'd .

Our next run was Standard. Matilda was really high. We walked by some dogs that barked at us as we went by and as we waited she was very barky. The run was going so badly that I was starting to stop the run and leave, but the judge said, "She's so wound up, I think you should finish." So I did. The run is in two pieces. Jen stopped videoing and then started again.

Next we did Snooker. It was a really hard one because two of the colors we had to take after our reds were combinations. Matilda was great! We got our second Q of the day. I had misplaced my camera so I don't have my own video of this run, but Jen said she got some of it, so I might get some video later. N
ext we did Jumpers where I can see it was my lousy handling that sent Matilda off.

Finally, we did Jackpot. We got lots of points, but we didn't get the Jackpot, A-Frame to tunnel.

I discovered some thing today. One thing that seems to calm Matilda, when she's really too wound up to focus, is massaging her neck and head behind her ears. I'll try this at the next trial.
  • you are looking GREAT together! first run was fast and gorgeous! and I too need to learn how to harness the zoomie energy, for good use... nice running DW! and interesting choice of the judge to suggest you go on...
    • are you tempted to audit or take the long distance foundations course? altho you've had really good foundation work...
    • Actually, I think the judge's advice was good. I was able to a certain extent to get reconnected with Matilda. She wasn't all there, but she did come back and we were kind of working together. We've had that judge, Jerry McKenzie, twice before. He's going to be the judge at the third Hamden Trial July 29-31. We got our first Q's from him. He's from Ohio.

      Edited at 2011-05-15 11:43 pm (UTC)
  • When I used to run Ricky, my adrenalin junky crazy man, I found doing T-Touch little circle massage on his ears and rubbing his neck did help sometimes.
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