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Weaves and Contacts

Weaves and Contacts

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I can send Matilda to the poles from the door now.  I've also been throwing toys near her path as she weaves. That pulls her out at first, but after a few tries she keeps going even as her toys land near her while she weaves.  I'll keep working on this until she can keep weaving the first time she's weaving when a toy lands.

For making contacts I think I need to get her out later and then keep her focused on me before we run. At the AKC trial I still got her out too early. She's okay when we first arrive at the ring, but as we wait she gets stressed and begins barking at me.  That in turn stresses me.
  • Excellent job on the send to the weaves! Make sure you continue to re-position the weaves so she's not patterning to the same entry every time. So, move them around a lot so she's finding entries too!

    Also, I've struggled a TON with "when do I get them out" syndrome! For my really stressy dog, the best run we ever had (because he gets SLOW when nervous) was one where I had a friend hold him (someone he didn't know) as I ran to the bathroom, then came back took him and WENT into the ring like BINGO! and man he ran nice ...hehehe. Tho, that would be hard to orchestrate on a regular basis.

    For my Over excited buddy... I've tried the "chill out by the ring for 10 min" route. I've tried "out of the car, stretch and run!" I've had conflicts where he got one treat and off we went! and I've had times we sat around walking, ball, walking, stretch for 20 min. It never makes a difference. He still jumps the line and I still get Mr. Excitement. Sigh. If I come up with a magic solution, I'll be sure to share it with my agility pals. ! ahahha
    • Thank you. I will keep moving my poles.

      There may be no easy answer, but I'll keep trying to find the best pre- run routine I can for Matilda and me. I don't know what else to do.
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