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AKC Trial in City of Industry

AKC Trial in City of Industry

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Today we did one day of a three day AKC trial in City of Industry.  We did Open Jumpers, Novice Standard and Open Fast.  We didn't Q in anything.  Matilda had a good Jumpers run, but it took her to the third try to get the poles.  I've been working on making them more exciting at home, leaving toys in her path, but I guess I'll have to make them even more exciting.

In Standard she missed her contacts. I need to find a way for her focus even when she's over the top high.

In FAST she made her contacts, but she got distracted by Wendy who was doing the video in the send corner and she didn't do the send. I didn't cue the send well either.  I didn't tell her to go OUT, and when I came to an abrupt stop at the line, she really didn't know what to do.

Matilda was fast today.  That's a plus.  We have much to work on.  I'm glad we do CPE, too.
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