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Titers and Teeth

Titers and Teeth

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I went to Dr. Culley, Matilda's vet yesterday to have her titers tested.  This is the first time I've done that.  Today he said that they came back fine. So that's good.  He did say yesterday that she should have her teeth cleaned.  I haven't been good about keeping up with her daily brushing. He only does cleaning with anesthesia, but he said that some groomers do it without, and he thought she would be a good candidate.  I remember a friend saying she had had her dog's teeth cleaned at The Pet Bath so I gave them a call. The teeth cleaning people had been there in the morning, but now they were at her daughter's grooming place, another Pet Bath in the next town.  I gave them a call.  They said if I could come right down they would have a look at her.  I got down in 10 minutes, they had a look at her teeth and said they could do her right then.  An hour later they were finished. When the dog "dentist" came out, Matilda was all tail wags with him so he must have treated her nicely.  He said she was a dream, a really nice dog. She has beautiful teeth and sweet smelling breath.  It cost $75.

  • Yay for sweet and sweet-breathed Matilly-girl! nice pearly-whites!!!
  • how much were the titers?
    • I don't know exactly. The office visit, titers, fecal test, and bordetella (he did do that one, the drops up the nose) cost $160. Does that seem reasonable? She has two years left on her rabies. When that's due, she'll have to have it.
  • Those are some nice shiny tooths! Score.
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