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Easter Weekend UDAC CPE Trial near Esondido, CA

Easter Weekend UDAC CPE Trial near Esondido, CA

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I had a wonderful if exhausting weekend at the Ups N Downs agility trial near Escondido, CA.  Saturday morning I was up at 4 and out the door at 5:15 to be at my friend and agility classmate Wendy's house 15 minutes away. I put my EZ UP and other stuff in her SUV and off we went. There was a little drizzle along the way, but it was clear when we got to the trial site at about 7:30. We set up our things and were ready for the 7:45 briefing.  Two other women from our class came, too, and set up with us.

I really like CPE.  I like all the games. Saturday in addition to Standard we did Jackpot, Colors, Snooker, and FullHouse.  Sunday we did Standard, Jackpot, Wildcard, FullHouse and Jumpers. The people are all so very supportive.  The courses are challenging, but there is more room for error than in AKC or USDAA. I've done five AKC trials and one USDAA.  Though I've had some success at AKC, CPE is a real confidence builder.

I thought I had more video of the first day. I was so tired when I got home on Saturday at 10:30 I didn't even load the video on my computer. I just made lunch for Sunday, fed Matilda and ate a bite, and went to bed. I don't know whether some of it didn't get recorded or if it got deleted. I  have only two runs. I have two versions of our NQ Standard, our first run. Wendy sent me her video. I wish Standard hadn't been the first run. It would have been nice to start with Jackpot or FullHouse.

In the Saturday Standard Matilda was certainly super high, but also had lousy handling. With Matilda facing six tunnel entrances, I should have Front Crossed the teeter. Later, I was late on my cues.

On Colors it was my fault not getting her smoothly over the jump after the tunnel.

I thought the Sunday Standard was pretty good. I don't know why she dropped the bar. She rarely drops a bar.

On Saturday we Q'd everything except Standard.  Sunday we Q'd everything except Jackpot where we had plenty of points but went over time.

All in all we had fun. It was a good experience.
  • YAy for CPE, great venue, especially when you're first starting. Man, that first Standard run was FILLED with tunnels. A tunnel-sucking dog would have had a BLAST on that run! lol
    • Tunnels

      Yes, Matilda LOVES tunnels! I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the course. I can imagine what she thought!
  • over all you too are looking really good---I LOVE the way she looks at you at the start when you are taking her leash/collar off
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