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this place is for the birds

At the last trial,  a couple of weeks ago, I bought a Comfort…

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At the last trial,  a couple of weeks ago, I bought a Comfort Flex harness.  I've been using it for walks. I like it.

Yesterday we went to the dog park, first time since Matilda tore her pad.  Susan called to say she was taking a 1 year old rescue border collie down there with her two dogs to see how they get along.  It turned out not to be  good. The dog was very fearful of the situation and of other dogs, tail between her legs and baring her teeth at dogs that approached. But Matilda did well.  She seemed more relaxed than I've seen her there. She was happy to see Susan and Rocky and Sarah being there also may have been relaxing for her. She didn't bark at running dogs at all.
  • Man, I always wonder at the wisdom of taking a "new" dog into a situation like that. Dog parks are stressful for even the most mellow beast. But... I guess now she knows...
    • I think you're right. She was looking for a neutral setting (not her own backyard). She could have used my backyard. That would have been better.
    • exactly! Next time, for sure.
      I teach a class for "teen" (adolescent) dogs and I often am asked if a dog park is a good place to blow off some steam. Well, for SOME dogs, but for others, it's a big mistake waiting to happen.

      They should have "breed" hours at dog parks. I think that would really help. Poodles and Doodles one time, Herders other, Pitties another time.

      • they do seem to all *play* differently don't they
        • It's something I've really observed. And i try to point it out in my classes. Actually, some breeds are pretty solidly "Carry High" while some "carry low" even when they walk. I find the dogs with a high carriage (is that the term? Not sure)often communicate something they don't intend to the low riders like BCs and such. Some dogs that react to body language will often react to a dog like a boxer or Dobie or Belgians and others that carry REALLY high. This happens on walks, especially leashed walks.
          I just try to let owners know that HOW a dog moves can really effect the mood of your dog.
    • hmmm, yes, what was she thinking? Is she going to give it another try in your yard? or is she done
  • Can she run full out in that harness?
    • I haven't tried that. I could try it in the yard.
    • I just tried it in the yard. Yes she can run full out. It's very comfortable for her. I don't know how it would work for you at off leash. As you mentioned about the Daisy Peel, other dogs might grab it.

      Edited at 2011-04-22 04:53 pm (UTC)
  • I had one of those until Switch ate it today. LOL.
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