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Weave Poles

Weave Poles

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This morning I worked on sending Matilda to the poles from the back door (across a concrete  area and onto the grass, maybe 30 ft in all) which I was surprised to find was too far.  She went to the plank which was much closer to where I was standing. With the plank so close maybe" weave" and "walk it" sounded too much alike. I had to move closer to the poles. I can work up to that distance and proximity to the plank. 

I put out more toys around the poles as I sent her from a jump to the poles.  I put her ball on a rope, a kong on a rope which is another favorite of hers, as well as a second ball and 4th rubber toy.  She did pretty well with these distractions.
  • sounds like a good exercise! so are you trying sending her from the same distance but you moving to different places? or just sending her away from you to the poles
    • I do send from different places. I tried it from the door because nosemovie had mentioned in a commment on my previous poles entry that she had worked on that.
  • In a week (with practice each day) you'll be sending from the door. Soooo cool!
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