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this place is for the birds

Matilda and I went to an AKC trial in Murrieta today. It was a cold…

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Matilda and I went to an AKC trial in Murrieta today. It was a cold windy day. Tents kept blowing over and at one point all the jumps with wings blew over. It looked as though tornado had come through. Matilda was way over the top high for the jumpers course. There were four jumps to the weave poles. She ran by the poles and turned away from them to the right. I got her back to try again. She took three and popped out. I brought her back again. She took maybe six and popped out again. I started off to the next jump which she took, but then instead of moving with me to the next jump she kept going straight ahead and took a tunnel whose entrance was not facing her. She came out of the tunnel, zoomed across the field and we were done. She hasn't had a zoomie like that since our first trial. Our Standard run was better but far from good. She broke her start line stay. I had to bring her back to two jumps, the weaves took two tries and she took an off course tunnel. We weren't working very well as a team. I was surprised to see in the video that she just barely made her A-Frame contact, but she went flying off the teeter and the table. Of course I don't have video of our best run. We Q'd and took second place in FAST, we got our second AKC title. We're actually now in Open FAST. The send was a jump to the A-Frame. I wish I had video of this run. She was a totally different dog. I had gotten her out of her crate earlier for a pee, but then I didn't get her out very much before our run so she didn't have a long time to get all worked up by the other dogs. I'll try this again next time.
  • What a fun fun girl she is. And not at all cutting you any slack for miscues. LOL. The look she gives you is so funny.
    • I love her. She is indeed a fun girl. I know I give her plenty of miscues. Which miscues were you noticing? Any ideas for me how I might do better with her?
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