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this place is for the birds

A month ago we had to scratch our USDAA trial at the Pomona Fairplex…

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A month ago we had to scratch our USDAA trial at the Pomona Fairplex because of Matilda's pad. I signed up to go one day to this one in Irwindale.  I didn't say anything about going because I get feeling so pressured about Qing. Well we didn't cue.  The standard run was first.  Matilda was so high.  She blew her contacts and took a zoomie. She did hold her start line stay. </span> Next was Gamblers which actually went very well. We were working together. We were both calmer, but I didn't hear the buzzer to start the gamble. We went on making non points. Matilda did a nice set of poles. When I realized what was going on the judge let us take the gamble anyway. She appologized to me after. I think she's a new judge. Someone who seemed to be mentoring her said she could have told me that that was my buzzer. It sounded so faint. I thought it was in the ring next door. Last was Jumpers which had it's good points. She held a long lead out. We had to come back to a jump which disoriented me. I thought we were lost, and then I didn't send her to the last jump, not until it was too late. There's some funny commentary on my video.
  • i would post the first one to the ST class and see if she'd give a couple comments even tho its not her course... the first one because its prime example of Trial Matilda vs yer handling and there might be some suggestion of how to handle her pro-actively when she's high... she doesn't get to see Trial Matilda on her courses
  • I do have to say I get a warm fuzzy feeling looking at video from such a BEAUTIFUL trial site. I can't even imagine green (dry) grass and sun warm enough for short sleeves. Wow.

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