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Daisy Peel Seminar

Daisy Peel Seminar

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The first day of the Daisy Peel Seminar was great!  First Daisy asked each of us what we wanted from the seminar.  Four of the participants were agility teachers.  Two were judges. One I realizes was the judge at the AKC trial where I got my Novice Jumpers title. Many of the 10 participants wanted help with pole entrances most were new to the Awesome Paws handling method so she decided to start with the basics. She started with recalls to heal on the flat.

She said we should always think of turns in terms of 90 degree turns, squares.  She had us call our dogs in to a treat held at our inside leg, then step forward bringing our dogs in parallel to us. We should never fade out the stop. It would disappear because we would later be moving forward before they get to us, but we shouldn't work on fading the stop.

We did the recall facing the dog, as the dog comes in step back and lure the dog around. It's not an obedience flip finish.

"Every jump is a trick.  Your job is to get your dog from trick to trick."  I like that.

She had us do recalls over a jump and coming out of a tunnel.

She had us work on jumping, kneeling at the a jump, holding treats at the base of the standard offering treats for perfect jumps. She suggested resting our heads against the standard so we could feel even the slightest touch on the cross bar. We should eventually do the exercise with the jump near a wall so our dogs will jump tightly and use the lightest bar possible.No reward if they touch the bar.

We did  270 degree recalls and serpentine recalls.

We should walk around our training area moving to different jumps, rewarding each jump they take as they walk with us. Walk slowly to keep them with you. Don't tell them to take the jumps. Reward when they come in to you. You want to brainwash them that collection is fun.  Extension is always fun.

We worked on the backy uppy where we stood facing our dogs on the take off side of the jump and the directed jump where some distance from the jump we stood facing the dog on the landing side of the jump.

Next all of us together with our dogs practiced the four turns on the flat:  We made four 90 degree turns doing a pull (dog on the outside) and push (dog on the inside). We did front crosses and rear crosses (getting our dogs to go forward and crossing behind them).

Daisy listed the cues for dogs in order of importance:  Motion, Shoulders, Location, Arm, Eye Contact, Verbal Cues.

Then we broke for lunch.
  • sounds great as I thought it would, can't wait to get a report on the rest of it... what did matilda have to say about it al?
  • (Anonymous)
    We did audit the next day. We would have been okay working I think. Too bad we didn't.
    Nothing was for sale. This was in someone's very large backyard. The woman sponsoring the seminar teaches, too.
    • work one audit one

      I thought whether you and Matilda could do it--ability-- was never the issue, it was financial... and being able to get the most out of the weekend with Daisy for the $$$... probably then you could have added a private lesson? was she doing privates after?
      • Re: work one audit one

        I think she was doing privates today, Monday. Originally, I had asked to do the seminar Saturday and Sunday. Maureen who was sponsoring the seminar asked about our working level, our skills level. She said we would do better coming Thursday and Friday. Because that would mean taking two days off from school, I decided to take a working spot Friday and an auditing spot Saturday.
  • Daisy said to say hi to you. She said "Dinah, oh she was fun!"
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