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Backyard Agility Field

My backyard has been getting lumpier and bumpier in recent years as my trees have aged and their roots have worked their way to the surface.  The grass no longer grows well in half the yard, so lots of rocks and dirt are exposed as well as the roots.  None of this would matter too much except that my backyard is where Matilda and I do agility practice. I can only set up obstacles in certain ways right now.  Matilda may even have done initial damage to her paw in my yard before the big tear at the dog park. It's hard to see how it really looks, but here it is.

This is the good side.

You can see the line of the big roots where the grass doesn't grow.  In addition to being rough they make for uneven take offs and landings.

I love the big black pine at the back of my yard.  Recently, one of its large branches died and was removed when I had my trees trimmed. It also has a big branch that hangs very low. It's being held up with a rope now.  I've decided to have that one taken off, too. Right now I duck under it when I run. It will be even worse with the soil being raised a few inches.  Also, although the branch in itself is lovely, with the dead branch removed on the right, it makes the tree look out of balance.

I've decided to have several inches of topsoil added and St. Augustine grass put on top to cover the roots and even out my small agility field.  I'll post again when it's finished.

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