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this place is for the birds

Matilda had another seizure (her second) this morning.  Again…

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Matilda had another seizure (her second) this morning.  Again she was in her crate, about 7:20.  I got up and went to the bathroom, went out to get the paper and came back to let her out of her crate.  She was panting and kind of stumbling around in her crate.  I must have missed the beginning, or most of the seizure. I took off her head cone, put on her leash, and took her outside where she went right away to poop.  She was stumbling around as she walked out, but was walking pretty well by the time we came in. She had again peed  in her crate during the seizure. This time she had pooped a little bit, too.

I called Dr. Culley.  He was busy with appointments this morning but said he would squeeze us in between appointments if I felt it was an emergency. I said no, I would take a regular appointment in the afternoon.  I want him to look at her foot as well as discuss the seizure.  We went off to the Pet Bath, the self serve place,  to get Matilda cleaned up. Then we went for a short walk.  I had been planning on doing some weeding today, but I decided to do inside things instead to keep an on on her.  I had clean up and laundry to do anyway. I'll weed tomorrow.

The Trkman on-line handling class course is up, but we can't work on that for now. When we do work on it we'll have to do it in pieces. There are 17 obstacles, no DW.  For the AF she said we could substitute a  long jump, which I'll have to figure out how to improvise.  Maybe I can make my old funny improvised jumps into a long jump.  I really want to get my rooty, rocky yard fixed.  I may need to take my equipment down to school to do this class..
  • That's scary. Do you think it's related to her hurt paw? I hope she's ok soon.
    • I'm wondering if this one could be stress related. She hates wearing the cone.
      • poor matilda--poor you

        this one doesn't sound as bad as the one before from your description... how long ago was the other one?

        is there a way of just wrapping her paw up in something that allows the pad to air but keep her from licking it---instead of the cone?
        • Re: poor matilda--poor you

          I'll ask Dr. Culley if there are any other options. I know they make other kinds of head gear. I'll see what he thinks of those. I'll ask about foot wrap, too, but my guess foot wrap won't be good because of air as you mention.
          • Re: poor matilda--poor you

            I like to use a basket muzzle instead of a cone but that is just me. I know how scary those seizures can be. Sure hope you get that all worked out.
  • I don't see how these work but here are links to alternatives to the cone.


  • what did the vet say?
    how is she now?
    • Matilda is fine. Dr. Culley said as long as her seizures don't come really often or multiple ones at a time we won't medicate. We were both hoping she wouldn't have another one at all. He said her pad is healing well. He said her other pads look really good. He thought this must have been some freakish thing, something sharp she cut it on. He said she didn't need to wear the collar any more. We'll go to class next Tuesday and then the seminar Friday and Saturday.
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