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New TV and Matilda's Pad

New TV and Matilda's Pad

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My 17 year old TV died Friday evening.  Saturday I went with my friend Chris who belongs to COSTCO to get a new one. I got a 42" LCD VIZEO. Tonight Chris came back to help me move the old one out and set the new one up. The picture's pretty nice.

On a different note, I'm having to keep a close eye on Matilda to keep her from licking her foot. When I go out and at night I have to keep the cone on her head.  She hates it.  I might look for a soft one tomorrow.

  • nuthin like Oprah on the big screen. ;)
  • Those injuries take so long to heal. My first Dobe spent half his life with a pad burned off.
  • poor matilda

    did dr culley ever help you figure out how it might have happened and how to prevent?

    wow---a new tv!!
    • Re: poor matilda

      He said it's pretty common. He sees it with field dogs a lot, especially if they haven't had their feet conditioned beforehand, in dogs tearing around with kids on concrete. I asked if I should be doing something to condition her feet. He said just what I have been doing. There may have been something especially rough at the dog park. Also my back yard is getting pretty rough. Maybe she roughed her pad up at home. The roots on my old trees are coming to the surface. I'm going to talk to a landscaper about putting down a few inches of topsoil and reseeding. In about half my yard grass isn't growing very well anymore, so it's rocky and rooty.

      I'm going to make an appointment for a recheck with Culley this week just to see if the healing is making the progress it should.
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