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A Pad Injury

A Pad Injury

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Today we were supposed to do our first USDAA trial.  Yesterday at the dog park Matilda tore her pad on her left rear foot, the largest pad.  It didn't bleed, but a large piece of it flipped back.  Today we went to the emergency vet.  She's bandaged up and I have antibiotics for her.  I'll make an appointment to see our vet Dr. Culley on Tuesday to see how she's doing, how long it will take this to heal, and to find out what we can do to help keep this from happening again.

They gave her a bandage with hearts.

We did go to the trial for a while to watch.  We introduced ourselves to Dee Davidson a facebook friend who has two agility Labradoodles.  We were supposed to be between her two dogs in the running order.

We ran into another agility facebook friend Diane Dale with her two huskies. She was at my school in seventh grade when I began teaching there.  Here are here dogs.

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