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AKC Trial in City of Industry

AKC Trial in City of Industry

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We did one day of a two day AKC trial in City of Industry. They were still doing Excellent Jumpers With Weaves when I took Matilda for a pee walk.  When I came back I had missed the Open walk through.  The course was a pretty straight forward one. I was in a panic, but while the short dogs ran, I looked at the course from various angles and I thought i would be okay.  Actually we had a very good run except it took three tries to get the poles so we had an NQ.  I did screech "weave".  If I had been calmer and stronger, she might have done better.The video is very dark, but I'll put it up anyway.  If I make my screen bright and watch full screen I can make it out. Of course I was there.

The arena is dark, but the bright sky beyond messes up the camera I realized too late.  The second video of my Novice Standard
run is much betterThe run was not as good. Matilda had two off courses.

Standard was also NQ. I'm not sure what sent her off course. On the first one maybe I was heading to the A-Frame before she committed to the jump she was supposed to take. The chute may just have been Matilda, but I didn't call the tire.I was pleased she made her contacts.
  • What a nice facility! We never see anything like that (mostly we don't see the sun! ahahah)

    And a happy dog. Cheers
    • (Anonymous)
      The arena is mostly an equestrian center, but I guess they hold all kinds of events there as well as agility trials.
  • You guys look great! Faith and I have an agility trial in a couple weeks; I'm already nervous!
  • Brave you for doing a course without walking it first!!!!! Wow!
    Are these shot with the flip or your old camera?

    • These were both shot with the new camera. The dark one was shot facing into the bright sky beyond the relatively dark arena. The camera must have been fooled into thinking it was bright inside. The second, brighter video was shot from the other side without the bright background.
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