matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

My New Computer

After my imac iphoto crash last week I decided to get a new computer.  I was worried a second crash might have even worse consequences. I had wanted to have a laptop anyway.  I have a windows one that I use for school, but I don't like it very much. It will be so nice to have this one to travel with.

I bought it Saturday but couldn't pick it up until last night. The Apple Store was way backed up doing data transfers. Then when I got there last night a nice young man found and loaded on my new computer the missing photos from my imac.  I bought "one to one" and Apple Care. On my next school break I'll go in and get some lessons on how to use all the great features of my new Mac Book Pro. The new iphoto is much more complicated than the old one. I think it will be fun.


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